What is Anglia?

Anglia´s History

Anglia Examinations has been based in Chichester, England, since 1993. Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This Step-by-Step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress.

Vision, mission & values

Our vision

To be the market leader in a ‘Step-by-Step’ journey empowering people to dream in English.

Our mission

  • To provide a progressive, high quality, fair, inclusive and user-friendly range of language examinations and assessments.
  • To empower personal and professional development.

Our values and guiding principles are to be

  • Customer Focused & Innovative
  • An international family of experts
  • Accesible & Inclusive
  • Passionate & Empowering
  • Excellent in all we do

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