About us

We are an english language institute, specialized in english courses for teachers and special purposes.

Over 8000 students preffer us.


These are the qualities that our clients mention most frequently when evaluating our services.

The English Connection is an Institute of English and Spanish ISO 9001: 2008 with more than 10 years of experience in Chile providing training services in both languages to people and companies from the most diverse areas and profiles. We are a consolidated and creative team. Our main focus is to deliver solutions to our customers in line with their training policies and according to their real needs. We respond to each customer's request through innovative solutions, delivering our support and guidance throughout the training process and certification in English or Spanish.

Our Allies

  • Achnap
  • Cámara Chileno Británica
  • Anglia

Our Staff

  • They make each contact with the client a pleasant and motivating moment.
  • They are available to advise students and companies, responding to the particular needs of each client.
  • They are trained to optimize the response times to each request.
  • They are open to receiving your feedback and incorporating it into the service we provide.
  • They receive training periodically for timely and updated advice.
  • They are part of a continuous quality control and improvement system.

Our Methodology

Our training has been designed around the following pillars:

  • We promote communication in context and total immersion, to guarantee the real and lasting acquisition of new competences in the English or Spanish language.
  • We adapt the contents and materials to the real needs of the participants progressively and continuously.
  • All of our teaching practices are within the so-called BFT (Brain-Friendly Teaching) principles, materials, techniques and brain-friendly activities that make each learning experience interesting and memorable.

Our Teachers

The teachers at The English Connection are selected through a careful process and trained according to quality standards delivered by ISO 9001-2008.

We have two types of instructors, acording to what our clients need:

  • Native of English or Spanish with formal instruction of international qualification to teach the language required as a second language. These instructors are especially suitable to train students at intermediate and high levels.
  • Pedagogues with university training to teach language. They are especially suitable to train students at the initial and intermediate levels.

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